Advice for the Elderly

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.” Emily Dickinson

With the increasing size of the aging population in the community, more and more clients are concerned as to how to provide for their future welfare in old age; what will happen to their home in the event of having to move to a residential or nursing home; are there any steps that can be taken to distribute their assets to family members both for Inheritance Tax Planning reasons and also to ensure that assets do not require to be disposed of to meet the ever-increasing costs of care.

What happens if a member of the family becomes incapable of managing their property and affairs? Who is going to be legally allowed to deal with these problems? How can these be overcome easily and at modest cost? What happens if preventative steps are not taken in good time?

All these and many other worries are frequently raised by our clients both young and old.

This is an area of work the Firm has, for many years, concentrated on, building up an expertise in offering advice and guidance. Home visits are frequently arranged, as are our visits to discuss such matters in hospitals or in Homes.

When we all grow old, the last thing we wish to have to face is the uncertainty of such problems and how to deal with them. Please contact us at or to arrange an appointment.

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