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UPDATE 28.05.20 – Employers Guidance

Employers – Furlough and redundancy

As an employer, if you have employees on furlough, the normal procedure applies when it comes to making redundancies. However, it is important that the employer considers what would be the usual process and take into account any issues which may arise, for example, consultations with staff who are furloughed.

The overriding message is that the process must remain fair, and any pooling or selection criteria be very carefully considered. For instance, it may be incorrect to simply select employees who are currently furloughed to be a considered for selection. Careful scrutiny would be applied to any situation where an employee was being made redundant whom could have been retained on furlough, and may be deemed an unfair dismissal.

Overall, the furlough process or ‘Job Retention Scheme’ is just that; it’s aimed at retaining jobs. The government subsequently broadened the remit of this to facilitate helping employers who simply can’t retain employees due to the economic consequences of coronavirus.


UPDATE 12.05.20 – Employees Guidance

With particular reference to Coronavirus COVID-19, our firm is experiencing a large volume of employment related inquiries from both employees and employers.

Employees – Redundancy

Are you being made redundant and need advice? Our dedicated employment solicitors can guide you through the redundancy process, ensuring correct procedural process is followed. It is imperative that employees are aware of their options and employers obligations.

Employees – Furlough

There have been several inquiries surrounding the furlough process. Give us a call today if you are experiencing an issue, and we can help and advise on the matter.

Employees – Return to work

The government has very recently started planning the return to work process. Several issues arise in relation to Health and Safety in the workplace, with many concerns being raised by furloughed employees. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment and there will undoubtedly be strict regulations and working practices adopted in order to achieve this. Have you been asked to return to work, and have concerns?


FREE Initial Consultation – Russell & Co Solicitors are offering an initial free 20 minute telephone consultation on any employment related issues.


We aim to ensure that our clients can avail of the best legal advice when faced with the prospect of losing their employment. We offer a free initial twenty minute consultation to advise in this regard. We can also advise Employers who are considering making redundancies and a guide to getting through a difficult and in many case emotionally charged process in as smooth a fashion as possible.

We appreciate that the field of employment law is continually changing and is dominated by strict time limits. Therefore efficiency and prompt responses are crucial, particularly to those employers or individuals who are considering taking an action before an Industrial Tribunal in respect of their employment. It is essential that you seek advice at a very early stage.

We advise both employers and employees in relation to the following aspects of employment law:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Breach of contracts
  • Redundancy
  • Employment contracts
  • Disciplinary and grievance issues and procedures
  • Parental rights
  • Discrimination and harassment in the work place