Matrimonial and Family Law

“I wonder, among all the tangles of this, mortal coil, which one contains tighter knots to undo, and consequently suggests more tugging, and pain, and diversified elements of misery, than the marriage tie.” Edith Wharton

We appreciate that the breakdown of a relationship or marriage is a stressful and confusing time for those concerned. Our matrimonial and family law department are committed to providing you with a sensitive and efficient approach to resolving all the legal and financial issues concerned and progressing matters to a conclusion.

In the event of your relationship or marriage breaking down we can represent you and advise you of your legal rights and obligations in the following matters:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Judicial separation
  • Division of the matrimonial assets and negotiating a financial settlement (matrimonial agreement).
  • Ancillary relief proceedings
  • Transfers of matrimonial property
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Domestic violence (Non Molestation Orders/Occupation Orders/Exclusion Orders/Injunctions)

We will advise you on and assess your eligibility for legal aid and discuss fees with you at the outset and prior to commencing any work on your behalf.

We have experience on advising and providing representation in the law relating to children including the following:

  • Residence (custody) and child contact, including emergency Court proceedings
  • Child maintenance
  • Parental responsibility and changing a child’s name