Troubles Victims Pension Scheme Northern Ireland – Who Qualifies?

22nd May 2020
Troubles Victims Pension Scheme Northern Ireland – Who Qualifies?

The Victims’ Payment Regulations 2020 sets out the eligibility and criteria for what is now commonly known as The Troubles Pension. In effect, if you were injured (physically or psychologically) as a result of being at, or attending immediately after a troubles related incident, you could qualify for a weekly payment, or lump sum award.

Payment Amounts

Payment amounts directly correlate to the degree of injury or disablement sustained. On current guidelines, payments can reach £189.80 per week, and a person over the age of 60 may apply for a lump sum payment of up to £90,000.

Troubles Incidents

The Troubles in Northern Ireland spanned over three decades, with more than 3,500 people killed, and it’s estimated there were over 10,000 bombings.

This payment scheme relates to any Troubles related incident between January 1966 and April 2010.

Qualifying Criteria

If a person has suffered a permanent disablement, whether that be physical or physiological as a result of a troubles related incident, they may be entitled to make a claim for the victims’ troubles pension. The current regulations set out the mechanisms for both establishing disablement and assessing the details around the troubles related incident.

Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) / Army Personnel

The obviously identified victims of any troubles related incident are the members of the public caught in the situation. However, it is crucial to recognise the impact / injury on any service personnel also present. This would include members of both the RUC and Army.


Insofar as the assessment of injury, is is important to note this relates to both persons who were physically, and psychologically injured.

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