“Ask about your neighbours, then buy the house.” Jewish Proverb

The Practice is able to deal with all property matters from the simplest to the most complex, and guarantees an efficient, flexible and professional service. Our Conveyancers are very experienced and we aim to provide a cost effective service in  either a buoyant or depressed market.

  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Re-Mortgages
  • Ground Rent Redemption
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Transfer of property between family members by way of gift,
  • Redemption of Mortgage,
  • Transfer of ownership from sole name to joint names or vice versa,
  • Equity Release/Lifetime Mortgages

We are members of the Law Society Home Charter Scheme

We will provide a written estimate of costs at the outset of your transaction to include all outlays (ie. search fees, property certificates, stamp duty and land registry fees). If you would like to obtain a quote please contact Mr. Simon Chambers at or Natalie Bell at and we will get back to you promptly.

If you require any financial advice, the Law Society provides an independent financial advice service free of charge. Let us know if you require this service and we can put you in touch with them.

Building Developments

The Practice has long experience of acting on behalf of both Builders and Developers in preparing such Developments for sale from a legal perspective. We can carry out all such work involved in buying up land, the removal of any restrictive covenants, Land Tribunal work and the preparation of Title documentation in bundles to ease the selling process upon completion of a development.

We can also advise as to the appropriate covenants and conditions to be included in the Leases or transfers for sales from developments, suitably tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Our rates are highly competitive and, in an area where targets and deadlines are of heightened importance, we aim to provide as clear as possible estimate as to the timeline of securing the legal capability to pass title and allow future financial planning.