Criminal Law

“We enact many laws that manufacture criminals, and then a few that punish them.” Allen Tucker

Simon Chambers runs the Criminal law department and has extensive experience in both Magistrates’ Court and Crown Court work. We will explore Legal Aid funding with the client depending on your financial circumstances and we are prepared to attend at police stations for PACE interviews. We offer advice on the most basic matters such as driving offences all the way through to more serious charges. We believe our clients can be left to feel at their most vulnerable when charged with a criminal offence and, for this reason, we aim to ensure each client is accorded the full protection allowable under the Law.

The sooner we are instructed in such matters, the better we consider it to be for our clients. If you know that you must see the police, you should seek legal advice beforehand. Then you can be advised before you go to the police station, and accompanied when you go there.