Law Society (NI) Financial Advice

Solicitors are not allowed by law to provide clients with investment advice. Faced with that situation, our professional body, The Law Society, in 1990, set up a financial advice company to provide financial services advice to both solicitors but, more importantly, to their clients. The Company has gone from success to success with a client base of over 15,000 clients.

  • You might require a mortgage or want to check if you can get a better mortgage deal. The Company will check your requirements and provide you with options.
  • You may have a lump sum and do not know what to do with it. The company will provide advice on what might be appropriate investments, depending on your individual circumstance and needs.
  • You may be thinking ahead about your retirement and what arrangements you should be making for it. The Company will give you guidance as to the steps you should be taking, indentifying sound investment houses where your monies should be placed to work for your future.

Please check out the full range of services the Company provides on their website on the following link: